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Intel Open Overclocking Championship 2022


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Stage 1 is over, congratz, very nice ending with super high clocks (totally unexpected) We had aimed for 6.1Ghz ish, seems you surpassed our expectations big time!




Plz provide proof for Stage 1

  @boogeymanjw we require some footage for your 32M run plz as you are entitiled for the 12900K CPU


Pzl mail the link to albrecht@hwbot.org


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@leeghoofd - I have an issue validating CPUZ for stage 3 Geekbench5 - At steady 55MHz I press F7 and core speed goes down to 5300 - sometimes 5400 - the .cvf file is saved at 5300 or 5400 - once saved, CPUZ goes back to 5500MHZ.  I get the same behavior saving locally or directly online. Not sure if it's an Aqua OC issue, a CPUZ issue or just the expected behavior when all of the INTEL enhancement are enabled: Turbo boost, Speedstep, Speeshift and etc. Could be Windows 11. I don't know... I'd like to know if this will affect my entries in anyway (CPU validation showing slower core speed than what's used for the Geekbench5 run?)

PS. I have attached a video of the behavior using F7. I am not able to correct this issue - if it is one - at the moment. I tried many ways.

Thanks for your time


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Top 10 is confirmed, thx for the videoproof ladies and gentlemen. Big thanks to Intel so that we could host this great competition for not only Intel users but also the AMD ones.

Very nice to see the solid participation and each stage finishing with very strong results and tight scores.




Since we we always want to improve it would be great if you could help us, clarify or even rant via the attached Feedback form.

Intel Open Championship Feedback form.docx

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3 hours ago, Blechdesigner said:

Intel has provided us with 4 Core I9 12900K tray CPUs to give away. 

To be eligible for the lucky draw you must submit valid scores in all 3 stages.

Lucky draw winners: 

Toggl from Germany (miss on stage 2)

Nonsense from Portugal

Valel from Austrai

Kif_Kroker from UK

Does this mean there is another draw of one CPU, cause Toggl missed stage 2?

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