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S_A_V - Radeon HD 5770 @ 1300/1400MHz - 16348 marks 3DMark Vantage - Performance


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S_A_V I wish you tried 'overclocking' the power circuit a little bit -)

pencil mods again?

This time only OCP-mod by pencil :)

On SOC-series of Gigabyte voltages can be adusted via I2C using RivaTuner v2.25 to control dual-channel current DAC (it marked as "S11" on PCB) connected to feedback-pins of the voltage controllers.

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Do you meant Riva 2.24c or I miss something? Where can I find RivaTuner 2.25? Thanks in advance

No, I mean 2.25, which is still unreleased (and probably never will be).

2.24c supports radeon 4xxx or older cards. Only 2.25 can access to I2C on 5xxx cards.

Any other tools (including latest MSI Afterburner) don't support "S11" current DACs.

P.S. Congrats, as always excellent work!


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Hello can you send me the mods ty


Vgpu-OCP-mod: pencil R699 resistor or solder 100k VR between pin25 (IMAX) of uP6204B and ground



Vgpu-mod: VR between pin20 (FB) of uP6204B and ground


Vmem-mod: VR between pin6 (FB) of uP6101B and ground

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