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TAGG - Celeron 1.8Ghz (Northwood) @ 4724MHz - 351 cb Cinebench - 2003


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4 minutes ago, Antinomy said:

TAGG, what is the VRM used for, Vagp/Vdd? What volts worked best for you and what card did you make it from? Any videos about it?

There's no epower for Vagp, that's Vmem :D On P4P800 i allso have epower for Vpll (uncouppled from Vcore) but didn't try Vagp epower so far, just lft it set to max board will do stock (1,8V) :) Vrms used for all thse is mem vrm from reff GTX 285, they work great as they only need 12v, no 3,3V needed :)

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4 hours ago, TerraRaptor said:

Had several strange deaths to Willamette cpus with this mod. Though, I didn't notice any difference adjusting this rail - did you?

I got about 10°C better coldbug on the 2,6GHz chip by lowering Vpll, so yeah slight change, but still change :)

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