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[SOLD] HD3870x2 Boint Milking Cards


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SOLD, thanks for the free bumps :D


As some of you likely already know, I am unable to submit any scores to Hwbot due to a conflict of interest with my employer. As much as I'd love to hoard these precious treasures, the reality is that I can no longer bench them for points...I think it's time to let them fly in someone else's hands. There are a whopping 10 bench slots where the card(s) will gain you at least 50 hardware points (most of which get you 70 points per bench). I am confident all of the current scores will go down easily with a little chilled or cold-air water cooling for the GPU(s).


Please be aware that legacy dual-GPU cards will not boot on some modern hardware, even with CSM mode. I don't know why, but I first noticed that I could not boot the card with ASRock Z490 boards or later. I have heard rumors that other board vendors have a similar problem.

Card 3 with Waterblock $100 shipped USA or $85 + shipping
Mods include: Vcore control + displays for both cores, memory mod, 2x OCP mod, and some high-end caps on back (I recall the caps gave me +0 mhz)

This was my main bench card and it had all of the valuable golds at one point. Add a pinch of cold water, perhaps a modern platform, and it will grab the gold again for ya...

Used here: https://hwbot.org/submission/3785594_mllrkllr88_3dmark_vantage___performance_radeon_hd_3870_x2_13848_marks





Card 2 with Waterblock $100 shipped USA or $85 + shipping

Mods include: Vcore  displays for both cores, memory mod, 2x OCP mod. The Vcore control mods are in place but the ground wires have been cut. I never build disable switches into the card and I wanted to test scaling with no additional voltage. There was almost NO voltage scaling, but you can easily connect those two wires to ground and you have full control. 

Used here: https://hwbot.org/submission/4396503_mllrkllr88_3dmark03_2x_radeon_hd_3870_x2_150845_marks 







Card 1 (Stock card with fan shroud removed for custom air cooling) $50 shipped USA or $40 + shipping







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