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[Team.AU] Benching weekend with the boys, lots of OC, records and fun


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TeamAU boys, deanzo, T_M, dinos22, youngpro, unclefester and bob(nz) got together a week ago and did some benching with lots of different hardware. 500L of LN2 was on tap in the basement.


I've put together a bunch of scores, photos and videos with us having some fun. Hope ya like it :)


Main Hardware setup:

  • GIGABYTE X58A-OC (006 bios)
  • GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 (GOOC bios)
  • Intel Core i7 990X
  • Corsair Dominator GTX2 Hypers
  • Kingpin Gemini+F1EE & Harshal Astra
  • GIGABYTE GTX580 reference for 4way
  • Asus DirectCU2 (for singles and duals)
  • GIGABYTE 5870 GPUs (multicard)
  • Antec TP1200
  • 2x Corsair AX1200
  • Windows Vista 32bit/XP/7






The crew (dinos22, deanzo, youngpro, bob(nz), UncleFister & T_M behind the camera)





dinos22, deanzo, youngpro (the corporate type), T_M's GF & T_M (the playa)




3DMARK05: 57,705 (fastest dual card 05)


Deanzo, T_M, dinos22 & bob(nz) benching. We struggled a bit with the dual cards as we really just started learning how to clock these CU2s. We even backed off on CPU OC just in case but it turned out that one of the 580s had issues with high vmem speeds (ie 2400 or more lol) but the result was very satisfactory for us regardless as we cracked the record and got a nice GT3 as well :)


This made it onto the livestream as well, listen to the scream after the score pops up :rofl:. In our defence it takes a while to actually learn how to get these GPUs going and to finally see it come off was a good reward. Would have been nice to pre-test GPUs before we get together but it wasn't possible. There is always next time :D


The GIGABYTE X58A-OC board and my chip were humming along all weekend at its 6.5GHz duties :D


click on it to view...











3DMARK05: 56,972 (4th fastest single GPU)


Deanzo and T_M benching single GTX580 at 1500 core with my OC board doing its thing :D


We've also got a 57,040 score in pre-testing so there is more in this one. Hopefully bob(nz) can give his setup a big push soon as his card was promising (must have slipped through andre yangs binning fingers and made it into retail packaging hahah)


Maybe Andre can spot the odd one out (purchased retail from USA) :D









3DMARK05: 59,040 (3rd fastest overall multicard 05)


Youngpro, dinos22 and bob(nz) benching this time round. Good bench session, will try more in future :)


4way crossfire at 6.5GHz, sure no probrem says OC board :D







3DMARK05: 57,475 (fastest 3xGPU 05)


Youngpro and Uncle Fister benching for this round with James' setup. His CPU gave in and never came back unfortunately, it will be missed as that chip was the best we had. Enjoy the silicone heaven dude :cool:







Aquamark3: 459,738 (fastest 3xGPU AM3)


Youngpro and Uncle Fister benching for this round with James' setup.






3DMARK03: 219,316 (4th fastest multicard 03)


Youngpro, bob(nz) and dinos22 benching 4way on the last day just for giggles with some reference GPUs (i just wanted to do one quick sort of run as i was too lazy to insulate the setup properly and ended up trying making it colder but didnt see the lake that formed underneath the last couple of cards and the instability explained itself after stopping the bench. Hopefully nothing died but havent had a chance to check just yet :lol:









OK now for some more fun. Let's start with livestream first :D



We've got some videos saved on the livestream account http://www.livestream.com/dinos22


Balcony benching (click on image to watch...)






We had 15 people watching Uncle Fester sleeping on front page of hwbot :lol:




5hour long livestream with morning preps to some benching eventually and lots of talking shyte etc :D


click on it to view...




Petri inspired us to "polish a pole" (music inspired by our idol Tapakah)




Did i mention deanzo is evil :D. We gave him and bob(nz) a hard time about their weird accent all weekend but they are two of the best blokes you can find and could not get cheesed off no matter what :thumbup:







I first want to say that massman is a thief and a copy cat using our grid girls as his wallpaper in a livestream run simultaneously during our weekend :P


So we had to use a different wallpaper and how enjoyable was it to bench seriously. Maybe this is why we forgot about condensation during the 4way SLI benching session :lol:





Dinos22 getting excited about seeing 500L of LN2




We stayed in a nice serviced apartment in Adelaide right across the swimming pool on the same floor. It got a little wild there on sunday night with some grid girls taking their tops off etc etc. The livestream mysteriously crashed and we lost the video :D




Lots of people benching requires some organisation to prevent the outbreak of scatterbenching. We finally curbed it (a bit) :D




She was greased up and ready to go, doing some checks before final mount :D





Few shots of the setup and guys messing around











T_M the resident comedian provided some silver service to our 57.7K dual card run. He was well protected in the next shot and i think even Petri would be envious of that koala glove







Next event is in the pipeline already, can't wait to do it all over again. OCing is fun! :D

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  • Crew

What do you mean with OUR weekend ? We were benching before you even thought of starting.. all we saw on the live stream was food and drinks, while we were sweating and benching...


T_M is the true copy cat , he wants to look like me :D

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'Pulling a Beier' is a universal expression that means as much as 'saying, but not showing'. In other words, one cannot verify the legitimacy of a statement, as no proof will ever be provided.


In this particular case, the statement is "topless girls swimming and waving".

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