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890FXA-UD5 beta bios wanted (F7E)

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I would suggest not trying to OC it to hard. Myself and mad22 (GALAX)  found in competition that the vrm was less capable than previous gen (790 gigas) boards and we both managed to kill cpu's and boards with just thuban.

BD/Vishera are capable of pulling even more than thuban.

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Yah it was really odd. The Vrm would just "quit" no magic smoke. High loads like wprime 1024m board would just power down and cpu would be dead.  Happened on mad once happened to us twice and then we excluded wprime 1024M from our thuban testing on the boards from that point on.

Gen 2 or refresh boards after 990 launched are probably best suited for load capability of BD/vishera.

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On 6/8/2023 at 8:32 PM, TerraRaptor said:

for those who may need it, found it at hdd

89fxau52.f7e 1 MB · 6 downloads

Excuse me, but my trying to download the file downloads empty file 89fxau52.f7e has 0 bytes (tried several times). Do I need special status/rating or something like this or it's just a glitch of the site and you could reupload the file if it's possible?

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On 11/18/2023 at 4:01 PM, I.nfraR.ed said:

Attached mine, but it was in the "modded" folder, so I might have done something to it which I don't remember.

Let's assume another case I like more - You were going to make a mod and moved it to "modded" folder, but hadn't done anything because for some reason, and actually it's unmodded 🙂.

In general I'd like to see structure of the BIOS with places and addresses of its HOLES for North/Southbridges and AGESA's that support Vishera. I hope after your modding it wasn't "mixed/replaced" inside to much as compared with original BIOS.

Thank you very much in any case!

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