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Here we go.


Jmax_oc used Traxman's 965 for benching his own 295 with LN2.

Casimir and me used Casimir's 965 for benching our 295 (his one was better than mine :( ) and my 285s.

We also made a good 32M with his CPU.


Jmax & me had already submit our results, Casimir will do it tomorrow i guess. So happy, real good bench party (even if a lot of hardware is dead and i'm so tired !)

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For sure, one of my 285, and a Rampage Extreme, and probably the 2 E8600 and my 790i...

I perfectly understand for my 285 because of the voltage i set, but no reasons for the 2 mainboard and CPUs. Seems the RE died, kills the first CPU, then the CPU killed the 790i and it killed the 2nd CPU :D:D:D Damned !


Anyway, we are happy because everything goes right, and we make all we need to do on X58, exept wPrime on Casimir's CPU, but there is 10L of LN2 left, so i think he will do it soon !

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