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Next week, i'll have a little bench party 1-2 days with my friends Jmax_oc and Casimir37.

We will have a lot of hardware, but we won't share of course. But as we had some issues last time we did such a bench party, i would like to know what we have to do to prevent this sharing suspicion.


It's a general question as we have a lot of these bench parties in fact, for example, i'll have another one in 2 weeks and again in 3 weeks...


I'll update when our own thread will be created with the hardware listing.


Thank you


EDIT : here is our own thread : http://www.jmax-hardware.com/forum/index.php/topic,4537.0.html

And a listing of the hardware we will have :


1x 4870

4x GTX295

3x GTX285

3x Rampage 2 Extreme

1x DFI X58 T3eH6

1x X58 UD4P

1x P6T WS Pro

3x i7 965

3x Rampage Extreme

1x Zotac Supreme 790i ultra

4x E8600

2x kit Elpida de roxxor !!

10x1go D9JNM de roxxor

3x kit tri moyens (Samsung et pupuce surprise)

3x kit dual DDR3 D9GR/S

1x Velociraptor 150Go

1x SSD (a voir lequel)

Plusieurs Raptor 36/74


Here is pics of our hardware.


Benji :


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Thanks. I will try to improve my 01 with 285, i will be able to help you for your next bench party in US in a few weeks !


:celebration: Thanks bro , we will exchange settings for the 790i Boards and GTX 285 SLI as we have the same weapons :D. Im going to a big bench Party in New York in a few weeks.

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Making such thread is just to prove beforehand that you had a lot of hardware in order to avoid some sharing issues.

So if any sharing issue is made, you'll be able to prove that you had the hardware, and in this case your scores will not be blocked.


But this kind of thread cannot prevent you from REAL sharing purposes. If the scores are too suspicious and if finally sharing is unveiled, scores will be obviously blocked and I also think that members will be (permanently) banned.


If no suspicion at all will be made on your submissions, then perhaps you'll be the only one posting in this thread.


Do not expect that the mods will say "Waouh! What a wonderful cooling or what a great score!", 'cause they here just to prevent some faked/cheated results from being granted with Hwboints, so that this international competition will stay fair as long as possible.

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lol massman.


Anvil: If they all have their own hardware, I dont understand what you are trying to imply by saying "But this kind of thread cannot prevent you from REAL sharing purposes." If people have their own hardware its not sharing... unless maybe I dont know what "REAL" sharing is?

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nothing prevents anybody of taking a pic of 3 CPUs and only using 1 one them; same for VGA. that's where trust comes in


Exactly what I meant.


If you have 10 CPUs and one can run 100 MHz higher than others, nothing prevents the different guys to use always the same CPU for CPU benchmarks or 3D benchmarks that are CPU dependant.


But this kind of sharing is hard to uncover, except if each member of the team is submitting really high scores, all in a row. But people are not so dumb to do that.

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I was not expecting mods to congrats us, i was just waiting for them to say what Neoforce said "We have seen it, waiting for the results".


Concerning sharing, if my 295 reach 750Mhz, and the others reach the same frequency (because they are all about the same frequency), how can i proove that it was all different VGAs ? Just let me know and job will be well done.

Because i'm sure we will have 3 setups really similars, so results will be similars too and i would like to ensure that our scores won't be blocked.


Thanks guys :)

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