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Asus Maximus IV Extreme improved 3D01 performance

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  • Crew

Early results, just quick boot with


2600K SB at 4.5Ghz,

Asus GTX480 stock clocks single and in SLI config

Gskill Flares 2133 7-9-7-24 Trfc 72 1T



SLI 01 1409 bios : 93483


SLI 01 1596 bios : 96847


+/-3400 points gain.... wOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOt


Plus the subtests are displayed properly, no more errors !!






other runs are 96760 and 96684 ( 3 runs in a row ) at leasd 3K gain over the previous best socre












These are the best runs out of three

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  • Crew

I hooked up the M4E and I still get a very low score with SLI in 3DMArk05... got no idea what is up...





EDIT : OS is borked, reran the tests, other scores remain in line, 05 goes up to 41.3K now

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  • Crew

ofcourse I'm biased :P


tried the 1866 divider same low output, ran 03, good score... weird thing is the other bios and the UD7 were tested on the same windows XP. Why did the other benchies scale ? just not 05 ? Running again on the other bench XP right now...

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  • Crew

first run on other XP is 41293, seems other OS bugged. Ran a 06 and 03 too on SLI : scores good..., just reran on the other "bugged" OS: 39K, darn... 03 143K :confused:




Well I'm glad Asus got the M4E up to speed... we benched on the UD5 for the MSI 560 ti review and darn it was voltage hungry and so erratic in boot behaviour sometimes... plus we couldn't get our usual clocks stabilised...





K guys let the flame war start : I'm ready for you :P



....but remember to some I know where you live !!!

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