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3DMark11 GT3 Fix


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Just read this over at OCX: http://www.ocxtreme.org/forumenus/showthread.php?t=6342


Help me (11Mark gt3 low frame)



11 Mark GT3s can not pass over 60 frames. (GPU1400/MEM1300)

Can you inform solution method?


Sure my friend ...seem like you have wrong with LCD


you must use LCD with wide screen 1980x1080 thats good one


Change 3dmark11 screen mode by stretched

I rose about 300 points.


Center mode: P8099

stretched mode:P8385


Can someone re-verify?

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posted 07-18-2011, 21:44 -> http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?p=122210#post122210


If you are still suffering from the 60FPS cap look to you LCD it is the problem :)


I posted my GT3 discovery up on my blog as well if you need the full story check it here ->



direct link to post = http://www.below0.co.za/index.php/item/drweez/2-weeks-into-the-futuremark-lords-of-overclocking-2011-contest.html

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To recap, if your hitting a 60FPS cap in GT3 you score is limited to the refresh rate of your LCD/LED screen and it is time to get a new one.


easy way to test set your desktop rez to 1280x720p if there is a black bar at the top or bottom of the screen you will be limited.

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