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2600PRO higher than 860 core??

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Strange issue here.. I have a old 2600PRO ddr3 and wanted to play with it to get some results. Installed voltmods etc to get going. Then strange thing occurs..


Till 860 core clock no problems, still on default voltage and 100% stable. 860coreclock.jpg


Then I wanted to raise the core clock to 910 (for this example) and than GPU-Z shows 40! That means that from 870 on it starts counting at 0 again. If i set 910 core clock in Msi afterburner, rivatuner detects that 910 has been set, but gpu-z says 40. Also benches crash when starting, so it is really 40.



And if i raise the core clock in rivatuner it up's again as normal.. Till I reach 860+ again.



What can this be? I tried some biosses from techpowerup to see if it is a bios issue, but all biosses have this problem. Can it be a hardware clock limit or something?

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Hey man,

I had the same issues some years ago when I was reviewing a Gigabyte Radeon HD 2600XT.

I too had problems from 857MHz and on, until I figured something out.

If you try to go to 900MHz directly from 850MHz it shall work.


To go as high as possible, use AMD GPU Clock tool ( http://www.benchzone.com/Downloads/AMD_GPU_Clock_Tool_v0_7_Setup.exe ) and go from 850MHz to 900MHz, and then go as usual in any steps that you like.


With AMD GPU Clock Tool and sufficient cooling ( a swiftech mcx-159cu chipset cooler :D ) I managed to clock it at 1050MHz+ as you can see here


Have fun :)

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