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Some rev4 fun with 8800 GTS


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it's been a while I really had fun benching. After more than 10 2500K and 2600K I ended up like everybody: frustrated and fed up with 2D benching.


Then I had a move from Berlin to my old hometown. Finally I am living together with my gf after 7 years of long-distance relationship and all together 10 years beeing together with her. It was about time!


My new benchroom is awesome and already looks like I've been living there for 5 years :D Rather crazy how much hardware you collect during 10 years of overclocking...


Well let's get to the point: I liked rev4 from the very beginning but didn't had the time yet to go for some good hw-scores. During the last 3 or 4 weeks I finally was able to test things like risercard and singlestage.




Additionally I got a fantastic deal for a singlestage - how does 75€ for -35°C sounds to you? :D So I was able to freeze my 2600K and the GPU. First time I am experimenting with 2 singlestages. Unfortunatly the new one isn't that strong and as you can see the suction line is kinda PITA...




One thing I always needed to do was improving my soldering skills - you see why :P Took me one hour to remark one of my soldering guns was not working properly and another one to successfully get hold on the cables (which I instantly fixed with a large amount of hot glue :D )




Before I could really run that baby, the mounting gave me another headache. I really prefer benching with risercard but that would mean I can't freeze the CPU what is ofc needed for our favourite game: 01 :D So with 1.4V and around -30°C I was finally ready to take down my current best hw-score.




Due to the singlestage having problems under load, I couldn't make it near the 900 MHZ on the GPU but for the first try it wasn't too bad:




I was sooo close to stummerwinter at 4th place but even after more than 2 hours rerunning and run-orders I couldn't get him.


5th place 01 8800 GTS 640 - 26 hwboints....


On 1st of october the AwardFabrik team will have an event again and I will take this card under LN2 - I hope I can at least get 110K out of the card, I would be a happy man then ;)


By the way to have some more usefull information here: I tested a lot cards with riser card and could remark, that none (!) of early nvidia GPUs like 6600 GT, 7900 GS, 7600 GT (everything without heatspreader) does respond to singlestage temps at all (temps controlled with GPUz).

Maybe 10 or 20 MHZ but that's it - even with voltmods and high vgpu I mostly couldn't improve my scores on air really remarkable. So if you want to have fun and not waste your time, don't try to freeze such old cards - it's mostly not worth the work. Better spend 2 hours more with 8800 GTS, it's much more fun ;)


congratulations you have reached the end :D


best regards


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none (!) of early nvidia GPUs like 6600 GT, 7900 GS, 7600 GT (everything without heatspreader) does respond to singlestage temps at all (temps controlled with GPUz).
I would disagree with you there ... I can't see air/watercooled scores dominating 6xxx/7xxx categories.

And with those weak cards there is very little CPU dependancy, so every GFX MHz counts.

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Yes I was really wondering about it, I'll try one of the little buggers under LN2 and see if that helps ;)

Maybe singlestage can't bring "coolness" on the little die very good. But I had -20°C under load shown, so I really expected more.

It does seem to help a bit (like I said 10-20 mhz) maybe it's all you can expect on these little cards with not so much difference in temperature. I'll know in 2 weeks, maybe I have to correct myself then ;)

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it still would be around 50 K more compared to singlestage, so no overkill - I don't expect to bench full pot but maybe just a bit more helps one of thoose cards to give me some better results.

main target still are several 8800 gts cards - I have everything from 320 over 512 to 640 so there must be something I can do :D

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A little heads-up from here:


Today I was testing 8800 GTS 512 sli and was wondering about low fps. I remarked strange "hick-ups" within the benches, even the fps shown were high. 05 and specially 03 sucked badly. 42k at 780/1100 and ~82k...once a time I got good scores but never could narrow it down until...


...I simply closed Afterburner in the backround. During quick testing I tend to leave it open to check temps, fans, quickly raise clocks etc...but it cost A LOT fps in some benches / scenes. am3 went up from 385k to 415k, 05 from 42k to 46k...

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