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Submissions don't give points


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Me and my team mate submitted some benchmarks scores recently but we didn't reach any hw/global points.


Here the submission







Why have we this problem ? Can you solve it please ?


Best regards


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I haven't point even in my profile :S


Note, for your personal score only the


- top15 best global scores (most gl points)

- top20 best hardware scores (most hw points)


will be counted.


Even if you have 35 scores with hardware points, only the 20 highest scoring submissions will be counted.


For the enthusiast league, that's top20 with air cooling and with system picture.

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same here too....there's seem to be a lot of problems in the scoring engine :(


ye ..


still stucked like this ....





national page



according to my profile points i should be in 8th position.. but isn't so .. 10.7 points missing.


please fix it :|


edit. even for this submission, never had points for this ..... http://www.hwbot.org/submission/2207971_

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previous scores were partially fixed, 2 points are missing, then i've tried to upload two other submissions made today... same problem ...


i still do not get the points!





... can somebody check out what wrong with my submissions/scoring? :|


I see this both submission have points , now :)

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