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Quake - Core i7 2600K @ 5860MHz - 6sec 296ms SuperPi


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B2 is just as fast as B3 :) You can flash older bios if u use USB in the ROG Connect port. Enable power but dont start board. Put USB stick with old bios in ROG connect port, hold ROG Connect button until the bios leds blinks. Flash wil start, wait until bios light stops blinking: bios is flashed back.

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Well not in my case. With hypers at 1090 7-7-6 and tighten sublatency I'm 8 sec off. I'm comparing 5GHz runs which are ~6:32.xxx and I'm getting 6:38.xxx-6:39.xxx.


With ECS board, I'm faster than MIVE. And I can't flash from 1409/1485 to older BIOS. I tried via USB ROG connect and it blink once and then stop. Also this B2 board is really slow in 3D, Perica_Barii can also confirm this as we were about 200 fps lower in 03 then with p67-ud7.

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