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Enthusiest League Cooling Options


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Thus also the water chiller is excluded from the league enthusiast right?


As general rule for league enthusiast is valid only refer to fans, radiators and the outside temperature?


So with ice (not dry ice, frozen water) how to apply to the rules?


We could say that you can only use air and the frozen water in any way?


I is difficult to express the concept in English, in short, the transition at overclockers league it's using the Water Chillers, Phase, CO2 (liquid, solid and gaseous), NL2, TEC and liquid helium?



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I put the question because I wanted to see what other bencher/mods thought. My perspectives based on a few results of my own and a few other clan mates use of a slush boxs (what we call this cooling idea).


Things like CPU validation and Max Ram clock validations an esky/slush box type arrangement holds a negligible advantage over someone who is benching at below or around 0 degree ambient temperatures with a beefy water cooling setup. On the other hand the slush box cooler would hold a reasonable advantage for 50-100% load tests.


One thing that may or may not occur to a few people is there is nothing stopping member from loading up there res with ice (contained in a bag for obvious reasons) and achieving similar cooling results to slush box setup and fudging rig screenshots.


My opinion is that if you need to prep your gear for condensation then you've moved into the extreme cooling end of things and should be considered as such (You can dodge this bullet however by benching in -ve ambients or completely dehumidifying the air around the rig). I've certainly done a fair bit of benching at times this year where the temperature in my room was below 0.


Anyway feel free to discuss and whatever the mods decide I'll just be glad knowing what I need to do in a few weeks time when I try out some slush box benching as far as submissions are concerned.

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Again, water is water. There is no possible way to verify the temp of said water. Even with a picture included, you cannot possibly tell the temp of the water inside the loop.


Now, that being said, if you have the means and skills to dry ice a water loop, there's no reason for you to be in the enthusiast league is there?, so basically you're just looking to skirt the rules and steal some undeserved points.


There is an honesty/integrity factor involved with the enthusiast league for just this reason.;)

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Yeah, on my own interested to know more about it and get some clarification, for if one lives in the northern regions with temperatures well below -20 ° (-10 ° already in Italy it gets, I guess in Canada or Norway , Brrr) there would be no competition with those who for example lived in Egypt for example.


To put on a par with hot and cold regions as a limit dell'enthusiast i thought league who could do so:


Air = OK

Liquid cooling = OK


Chiller = OK


TEC Chiller and also why I say?

I say so because the water even if there Append 50/50 antifreeze will never reach temperatures below -50 ° with all the effort that we can put the liquid freezes and games are over.

In this way one dresses in Egypt to Siberia or the situation would be equal or nearly so, below -50 ° not go there.


Someone could do the smart thinking of putting in place of water under pressure of liquid oxygen at low temperature by cooling with a cascade chillers for example, and then breaking the barriers of -50 °, but would be easily identified just by looking at the pipe plant.


The loopholes are still there as always but a way of cheating must be really good, and if it happened to me would be stupid because he have the skills to compete in the higher league.


What do we think?

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Well thanks for your opinion everyone I spose some time this summer I'll be making the transition to extreme overclocking. The only thing I need to now learn is how to prep my gear :).


You can go below -50 without liquid oxygen on liquid cooling which is probably what I'll aim for. Might start to seriously consider the cost of some pots as once you add the costs up for a dice cooled loop it's not too far off.

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