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  1. It is a big world out there and there's a lot more to experience in life than binning hardware and pouring ln2 so I definitely get your motives dude. Best of luck with the next stage of your life 👍
  2. Not much sense in CC '14 being held in '15?
  3. JUNK site! Very ripoff, much fake look. jjjc Management
  4. The rules are to use Kingston memory. Whether or not it is directly stipulated in the rules, why would they not be able to request proof of that? If there is any doubt, Kingston and hwbot should be able to request for any reasonable information necessary to remove that doubt. Not rocket science.
  5. Why aren't you active in social networks?
  6. I try to keep it clean, but it never happens
  7. The global points are awarded to your best 4 core score, not for a score on a specific cpu model. Hardware points award for different hardware models Global points award you for a hardware configuration (ie, 4 cores)
  8. G3258 3418B976 1.4v 4.8ghz boot but unstable in os G3258 3418B987 1.32v 5ghz air 32m and hwbot prime 65c load Will update later with ln2
  9. Not the first thread I have seen about Ryba doing the dirty and disappearing after taking somebody's money. Definitely needs to be a sticky or something warning against people doing business with this douche, 5 months with no product after receiving money is pitiful. Hope you can get something sorted.
  10. Early batches and ES, here we go again Good luck man! Tested 3x L419B593 1. 5ghz 1.3v 32m, 6.2ghz 32m - decent imc 2. 5ghz boot 1.4v, - terrible imc 3. 4.8 max 1.32v, untested cold - also bad imc
  11. Glad to see competition winnings aren't going to start classifying people as elite. Looks like a pretty good guide set to me. Though I think at one point at least, MSI were handing out versions of afterburner pretty easily to people who bought their own cards and demonstrated extreme overclocking, so not sure if that should force somebody to elite.
  12. "Use GSKILL memory for at least 20 submissions" "It needs 20 submissions with GSkill memory" "16 submissions so far" There is your answer, still need 4 more
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