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Koubbyzzz - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1323/1200MHz - 139108 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Eeky NoX

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Thanks all for your comment,


Just some details:

Yes my CPU freq were wrong when I up, my results at 3am, I was a little bit asleep, and I'm quite old for that crazy bench WE.

Then Yes I share my CPU to Wizerty during the WE, so please no need to comment that anymore, now everybody know that and wiz worte it in detail during his submission.

Hwbot rules are clear on that point concerning 3D and 2D, we respect it, I know that's it's crazy to allow CPU sharing on Aqua and 01 bench instead of GPU but it's like that. Then also finally just notice that Wizerty is not in my team, only a friend so it's not a global sharing in a same team.


Moreover we had a Hwbot moderator during all our WE and he checked everything, eye of tiger ;)

Thanks to all guy present in my home during that crazy WE.

And thank you for all other pleasant comments.


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