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Testing DX79SI ...

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Last board I currently have available is the Intel DX79SI reference board. Usually I am kind of afraid to test Intel boards because of the BIOS and boot procedure. I think I've been scared ever since I tested the Skulltrail mainboard and it took roughly 1 minute to pass the entire boot producere. The BIOS usually is hard to figure out and, in general, changing ANY setting is not advised.


This board isn't much different from the previous boards: hard to work with BIOS, difficulties recovering from a failed OC, etc etc. Also, since CPU-Z can't read the correct memory frequency (due to the board), there's simply no point in trying anything with the memory. I have DDR3-2400 running 32M, but what's the point if you can't show it in CPU-Z.


Board removed from test bed. It's okay if you don't understand BIOS anyways.




- i7 3960X ES

- DX79SI (bios 0281)

- 4x 2GB Dominator GTX8

- GeForce 8400GS (for now)

- Silent Pro M1000 PSU








th_4600533c10100.png th_4700667c10100.png th_4700800c10100.png th_48001066c10100.png

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Hey Massman,


What was the Max clock you were able to get out of the CPU with this board?

Tried for 3 days and just cant get past the 4.6 that overclock assistant gives you.


now I Just tested the same CPU on two other boards. Rampage is DOA so cant comment there :( but P9X79 Pro second boot 4.7 6c12t (and 5.2 2c2t using your bin method) :P


just wondering if you had the same difficulties with the Intel board.

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