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w prime top 20 validation problems

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Chiller, online wprime auto-submission is not reliable. That crap can't even read a correct cpu id or correct speed if you use software OC tools ot get those few extra MHz after you've launched wprime.

I'd prefer manual with SS any day over that mess, as it gives much more info to judge a result by than the info automatically posted by wprime...

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You didn't get my point man.

Let me make this clear ( although I wouldn't like to mention this at all, but... ):


I'm a smart cheater ( that's an example, not speaking about myself lol ), so I visit HWbot and check the wPrime 1024m rankings.

I found a Dual Xeon system clocked at 4050MHz with X amount of RAM clocked at Y MHz, scoring 100s.

I find a screenshot of wPrime 1024m with two CPUz windows open, I open it up in paint, change the results in the wPrime window, change the details in the CPUz windows to nearby/similar frequencies and then post the score.

Yes, here's my Dual Xeon system at 4010MHz with X amount of RAM clocked at Y-z MHz, scoring 101s :P

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You can always disable global boints, perhaps... Then 500-1000 users will lose boints. Disabling hardware boints as well shouldn't really be an option with such a massive amount of results. Some of us spend alot of cash on parts and cooling to get those boints, and we wouldn't do that just for cups.


Plus, most wPrime hardware cups come from manual submissions already. So... hardware boints only, or both.

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time to look for another multicore Pi/prime application with an author who actually wants to cooperate with HWbot.

My command and project have big experience in developing benchmarks with anticheat protection.

For example CUDA Factorial Benchmark - http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=233280 or TOC F@H Bench - http://total-oc.ru/download.php?id=52 (page in Russian)

We can modify one f them for HWBot.org or make new benchmark on pi\prime algorithms :) I can discuss about any variants, you can send me PM or always find me on ur forum - http://total-oc.ru/forum/viewforum.php?f=58 (this is english threads)

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