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w prime top 20 validation problems

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i cant seem to validate my scores properly. how do you obtain a validation url for the checksum. i submit the benchmark using 1.55 and it tell me i need to update. i click the 2nd webpage to allow active x control and it takes me to the submission page. i submit it and i get flagged for not haveing a top 20 verification url. please help. i want to submitt properly just cant seem to figure it out.

thanks so much

joe mehnert

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yeh i just cant seem to figure this out. its probably something really simple but as of now its well beyond me. i submit my scores. click the active x thingy=) and it takes me to the submit a score on hwbot. it than tell me that the program failed to identify itself. i saved both of my score files.

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ok. that is exactly what ive been doing. i drag and drop my saved files on wprime. it loads up. i click submit. i than allow the active x to run . it takes me to those screen shots than. i fill in my info and submit the score. it than gets flagged because i dont have the checksum url. im seriously stumped. i promise you im not an idiot. I really want to get this resolved. thanks


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hi it says this in the submission11.html



<html><head><script language=JavaScript>function submitThing(){document.frm.submit();}</script></head><body onLoad='submitThing();'><form name=frm action='http://www.hwbot.org/submit.client.result.do?' method=POST><input type=hidden name=score value='112.06'>

<input type=hidden name=checksum value='FA5A69E0'>

<input type=hidden name=description value=''>

<input type=hidden name=applicationId value='15'>

<input type=hidden name=cpu value='Intel Core 2'>

<input type=hidden name=cpuclock value='3544'>

<input type=hidden name=client value='wPrime'>

<input type=hidden name=clientVersion value='1.55'>

<input type=hidden name=memType value=''>

<input type=hidden name=memSize value='2242'>

<input type=hidden name=memClock value='0'>

<input type=hidden name=memTCas value='0'>

<input type=hidden name=memTRCD value='0'>

<input type=hidden name=memTRP value='0'>

<input type=hidden name=memTRAS value='0'>

<input type=hidden name=mbModel value='S5520SC'>

<input type=hidden name=mbVendor value='Intel Corporation'>


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sounds good well i have to 2 entries that are currently blocked from this problem. here are the links. any chance that these can get unblocked. You have no idead how much of a relief it is to hear this=)







Thank you very much for going out of your way!

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I don't trust screenshots :)


This issue with wPrime has been going since early August if I'm not mistaken.

When's RB coming back again ?


...then any pifast, superpi 1m/32m, am3, 3dmark01-score can't be trusted.;)


The fact is that the wprime validation can't be trusted either. The TIME is most likely correct, but often it's added to the wrong CPU category... not to mention the lack of system details.

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