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Hi Pieter, if I understood, for each week of benchmark, you'll take in account the better 3 results for each country... then you'll calculate the average and the first 10 countries will earn points, ordered by their average.

At the end, the country with more points will win the competition, the prizes go to the first six countries... but how will you decide which person/team from that country will receive the ln2 pot?

Thanks ;)

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That's correct. So:


1) people submit results => results are grouped per country

2) the score of a country is calculated based on the average of the best 3 scores of the country

3) per stage, points are awarded to the best 8 countries; 1st = 10, 2nd = 8, and so on.

4) at the end of the competition, all points are added up to each other and we have a finalized country ranking.


From the logs, we see what users have scored the most points. So:


Winning country => top 3 best scoring users get each one prize

2nd country => top 2 best scoring users get each one prize

3rd country => best score user get one prize

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If it was possible, we would have chosen 6x Gulftown ;)


Mmhh I didn't understand... I wasn't trying to dispute about the prizes, I was only trying to understand to do an Official thread on HwProject in which I'll explain everything.

My confusion was generated about the numbers... "2x 2x 2x" is 6.

Evend 3x+2x+1x is 6, but distributed in a different way, that was the point I didn't understand :)

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Hehe, I know, no worries :).


The best user of the winning country will have the choice between the 3 containers, then the second best of winning country, then the third best. After that the best user of the second country ... and so on.


Some people already have a good CPU container, so maybe they want a GPU container instead :).

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We have let 6 cooling pots made to order (with sweet HWBOT.org engraving :D). The top 3 submitters of the winning country get to choose one, than the top 2 submitters of the second country gets to choose one, and the best submitter of the third country gets what's left over. :)


We could say the winning country gets CPU pots, 2nd country gets GPU pots and 3rd country gets NB pots, but the fact is many people already have a CPU/GPU/NB pot, so we let them choose.

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How do I link a forum topic to my country to appears on "Other competition related discussions and articles"?


Our team: [OverBR] Team Brazil (http://hwbot.org/profile.team.do?teamId=1765)


Topic on forum (in Portuguese-BR): http://www.overbr.com.br/forum/hwbot-country-cup-2009-t36012.html?t=36012


The original text was translated to others overclockers in Brazil.




Andrei Voss

Edited by andreivc
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Hey everybody, can I ask something as well ? I'm rather confused regarding which benchmark shall we bench during first week (4-11 November).


Here, as well as here and here, I can see you're talking about SuperPi 1M. That's what I thought as well.


However, according to this newspost, our first benchmark will be SuperPi 32M.


Could you please help me out a bit ? It seems like SuperPi 1M is the one that's going to be benched during the first week, I just want an official confirmation.





George :)

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Guest Roby The Beast (Tracteur)

This competition is a good idea ;)


But it could be fun to make a competition for who are not able to have LN2 or a monster CPU at 1000$...


Example making a competition of Super Pi a 4GHz, the one who makes the best time a 4GHz win! It will be more tweaking and it will be more accessible to everybody :)

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