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Team-based competitions (with prizes)


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Hey all,


Just a heads-up for those interested. In the coming months, we'll be exploring the possibilities and potential problems with team-based competitions. For the HWBOT OC Challenges, we've switched to a team-based competition style a while back and, in my opinion, it seems to go quite well. In the near future, we'll also be introducing partners to this competition format and see how we can add prizes into the mix.


The main idea for these team-based competitions with prizes is to give team captains more tools to promote their team's overclocking activities on the local forum. For instance, you could arrange one of the team prizes to go to a lucky draw on your forum or give it to whoever comes up with the most funny "cheer-on-video". Perhaps even to the person with the largest team logo tatooed on their bottom ... it's upto you to decide. In any case, the idea is to promote the OC team as well as to give the local OC legends an extra e-credibility boost by giving more exposure and weight to their efforts in the team competition :).


Of course we hope everything goes smooth from the first comp, but sadly enough that's not how life usually works. Of course, all the feedback is welcome!


Stay tuned!

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