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IB + Z77 + 3 Way SLI...where is it working?


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I spent 2 days messing around with 3x 580 GTX but no way to enable Tri-Way Sli in the drivers...


CPU: 3770K

Board: Asus Maximus V Formula

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws


OS: Win 7 64bit, 32bit, Vista 32 bit


Driver: 285, 295, 301 DAWHQ(F)LUCK


Just show me some board with space enough that is working - I'm on it ^^


Wanna sandwich my 580 ref between matrix...so 3 slots for 1st card, 2 for snd, and 3rd card don't give a damn...


Btw: Manual of the Formula only mentions SLI-config but 3-Way CFX...strange :confused:




List of Z77 mainboard with undocumented feature of 3x SLI by HyperSli


Asus Maximus V Formula

ASRock Z77 Fatality Pro

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Get a board with a PLX8747, without the best you can do is 3-way CF>


you only have 16X PCI-E 3.0 lanes there, you can't run SLI with 4x in any slot of the major GPUs


Um, you can... I was running GTX 285 tri sli yesterday on a Z77 Fatality Pro which doesn't support tri sli.


Install the Hyper SLI hack for skt 775, use two small flexible bridges and one vey long flex bridge, no problems

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Nice result...saves spending an extra couple of hundred on a new mobo


Yeah, thanks again for the hint!


For many old benches 1x or 2x is more effective but I am not sure what happens to 3DM03 past 6500 ;)


Also there are still categories in the bot for 3x so let's give them a nice bump with IB :D

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