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TPP not calculated


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My team power points have not calculated yet and i have 0, how long will it take for them to come back and is it possible to force them to be calculated, done it manually in the my account section but nothing has happened!


Thanks guys .


My account : http://hwbot.org/user/ObscureParadox/


My team : http://hwbot.org/team/aria_pc/

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Yes i have just gone and changed teams, it was faulty after that.


Would it be possible to look at Marsey99's account too, his has happened for the same reason and he has his own support ticket but it has not been fixed yet. :)


Edit : don't mean to be a pest, but my trophies have failed to transfer over too, could you look at that whilst your at it, thanks again man :)


Edit 2 : Just noticed another bug, i seem to be slowly loosing my TPP again, also none of my posts seem to be showing me as doing the best for my team, in fact the submissions seem to show me being for no team at all :(

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Yeah basically. TPP did not move originally either and richba5tard added them again, but over time they all dissapeared again. (Nearly all). Really appreaciate you looking into this btw. Anything else you need to know from me then feel free to ask :)

Edit: basically the same problem as marsey99 had :)

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