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Jor3llBR/Elano - Core i5 670 @ 6599MHz - 7sec 230ms wPrime 32m

Brian y.

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are you serious?


AM I actually reading this right??


Please tell me this a bad joke man.....:confused:



Guess some people are taking it the wrong way. I'm not against sponsors and people that get those results and open the path for us, on the contrary, they are important for our sport.


What I'm trying to do here is send a positive message for people like me, without sponsors or unlimited funds showing that they can still make it with teamwork and perseverance.


I really don't know how hard is to read beyond those lines.

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I look at it as a way for hwbot to garner more support from the manufacturers which in turn keep the cogs grinding around here. It also serves the overclocker. Yep, its free ad space too, maybe, unless you're listed as "other".


But we all have differing views on life so wth? Clock on!

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