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3DMark 1901 patches= system info error

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This is happening with 3DM05 + 06. I've tried both the individual patch and the full combined installer and I get the same every time. IIRC, its happening with nV as well as ATI.


Errr....this happening to anyone else?





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Are you using a modified Windows XP installation Kenny ?

If yes, there you have it.

Looks like the new patch brings new file/service dependencies and maybe you have removed those components.

It happens to me too under Windows XP & Windows 2003 Server.

But doesn't happen in Windows Vista & Win 7.


I just need to try it with a normal Windows XP installation to verify that this is the case.

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Yes, it is because of dependency issues.... There is a quick work around...


Right click on the desktop shortcut, and at the end of the path, type -nosysteminfo and you will not get the error anymore. It does stop you from submitting results, even after saves...

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Thanks for info guys :)


Mr. Scott.... I really hope not! two patch downloads + 2 full suites downloads with it included... better NOT be a bad set of downloads :P:


Bill... yea. Tiny XP Rev9 & Tiny 7 :)


Thanks for the fix FACE, but I will deffo need to submit results :P

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