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Volt Mod And OCP mod GV-R797OC-3GD Rev2.0


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Hey guys


****** Please DO THIS AS YOUR OWN RISK *******


You may have problem same as me to set voltage on 7970 OC Rev 2.0 the software program dont support to set voltage


i buy two card one is rev 1.0 and another is rev 2.0 lot of different between this two


here is the pic

rev 1.0




rev 2.0




i get confused when see the difference .... any way here is hard mod for OCP And Vcore




You Can Read Vcore from Phase at back of the card and any way you can set 50K Vr for Vcore too nothing change and you have fast Vcore up


For me its work Ok without problem soon share result


i Edit bios Too for more stable on OC and can make higher Frequncy with same voltage Pm me if any one want bios



Share Result here Soon

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Oh, okay, interesting. So the one in my thread is rev1.0 and the ADP4100 is rev2.0?



Yep your Tapic for Rev 1.0 and its work fine on TO card not Oc


For OC card there is driver problem when you upgrade bios driver dont detect the vga card i think it have little problem with some code !!


but this one work fine on Rev2.0 i still wait for ln2

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Hey nice, i have this card:) Now i can try your Mod :D


You have your own chance mine is not bad :D




Here is the result :


Pic modding




System :


3770K - 215A971


Gigabyte R797OC-3GD rev2.0

Gskill Pi




And the Result


3D mark 03 - CPU @ 6420




3D mark 11




VGA not Stable on 11 yet i dont know why there is no different in frequency (Stock or OC) windows fail or break resistor on die ( i dont know when it happen),,,,



Any way i find my pot break 4 resistor on the VGA die hope Rma replace it

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Well I think that's my Card but there is a cooling shim on my VRM's. Please have a look


edit: tried one of your marked spots. MM was giving me 1.163V. Right spot found thank's to you.




Seem's like i have a very lousy card . 1200-MHz @ 1.25V are unstable in Crysis 1 bench... well better luck next time for me - hopefully

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Hi Guys, just want a little help from U with the Vmod on 7970oc rev2.1 :)


First of all, whats the best spot for ground? A radiator, screwhole, one of the pins on 8pin-6pin socket?

What value has to be on the trimpot. Some website says 40-50KOhms, some mention 100KOhms? I just want to have max 1.3V on the GPU. Which one i should put?

Do i really need the OCP mod if i want to push the card to 1.3V?


Here`s a pic of the ADP4100 VR on my card



and the last thing. if i want to read the actual voltage the red wire from MM has to go to on of the capacitors marked by der8auer and the black to the ground?



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