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Ivy vs Bulldozer vs Vishera


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My new blog: http://cpuwars.wordpress.com/


I decided to commit to a project and put my time and money into a research, which will finally reveal the true objective preformance of both brands.


The tests will be preformed in many applications/games under three different frequencies (3.4GHz, 4.0GHz and 4.5GHz).


I will compare i5 3570K, FX-8120 and FX-8320.


Complaints, praise, requests, etc.. are welcome here ;)!

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Nice idea , but a bit late too the party :)


To let the AMD shine you have to run applications that can take specific use of the modular core design. If not, the Intels thrash it in raw performance. But that's synthetic, in daily usage they are all up to the task...


I know it is a bit too late... but I did not have money to do it before. Maybe it will help somebody anyway.



your blogger Fr4nc

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Thank you guys - I appreciate this!


So I was again playing with RAM...

4 different: stock (1600MHz, 11-11-11-28-39), high MHz (2237MHz, 10-10-10-32-32), CL8 (1676MHz, 8-8-8-24-27), CL7 (1604MHz, 7-7-7-21-21)



RAM “CL8″ – highest Performance Test 7.0 score out of all 4 speeds!


More you can find on my blog!



your blogger Fr4nc

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