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MrPaco - Phenom II X4 960T BE @ 4403.5MHz - 34597 marks PCMark 2005

El Gappo

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Mr. Scott - in order of links:


Gluvocio's, sofos1990 & Moose were all using a combination of arecas with onboard cache and xpertraid. SAV's sub was the one submission only using xpert and this can be seen in his low GU subtest.


Paco looks to be using a LSI 3081E-R or rebrand Intel SASUC8I, (bloody nice find to get a controller working with iRams BTW. I only found HighPoint's to work). Either way the controller has no onboard cache.


Noting that, I have 9 iRams here and when running 8 in R0 I don't get 100% scaling. iRams deliver around 120mbs at best so in a perfect world where everything runs like it's on paper the GU is still significantly higher than possible. With no ORB link to compare VS I would agree with El Gappo and flag this sub needing further evidence.

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