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TaPaKaH - Celeron LGA775 352 @ 8122.8MHz - 8122.78 mhz CPU-Z


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I usually test Cedarmills in 2-3 stages


Stage1: POST 5GHz on air with 1.45V (50% of CPU fail to do this, if a CPU can't do this, there's no way it's a 7.6+ LN2 chip)

Stage2: DryIce suicide at 6.4GHz (20-30% of CPUs fail to do this, if it fails, even with perfect scaling it won't hit 7.6+ LN2)

Stage3: the actual LN2 test


I currently have 15 cedarmills (http://www.abload.de/img/dsc03822cmwn.jpg), ten of which still need sorting out.

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Oo.h my God!!60 Chips??

me 10Cpus tested 631(L730A-SL9KG-D0)or 347 batche 2007-2008 not up Frq 6500. . .






I donot know where is problem?

what is Best batche Cedarmills for up 8.0ghz? 2006 Batch?

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