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HD 4870 locked clocks fix

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hi guy's,


i have an 4870 here but its clocks are locked on its standard, so it can only go like 50 mhz higher, now ive read that you can flash the bios so it wil go over these settings,

could anybody help me do that ? its my first time i wil do this so can you give me a detailed explanation please :D


EDIT:i wil probably use it under SS and stock


greetz FunSkilZZ

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dosent seem to be an awsome 1gb bios just looked at a few though and they all seem to be the same. Have you tried rivatuner I would be pretty suprised if that wouldnt do it. Or gpu tool


Riva works, tho it might need cfg mods for some cards.


@Funskillz: If you can't get Riva to work, give me a PM.

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9.12 drivers gave the same output as the image :/ what do i need to do with the .cfg file ?


Copy over the original one in the RIVA installed path (C\ProgramFiles\Riva).


Btw, you never mentioned how far you want to clock the card. AFAIK the slider went to 1000 core in AB, so for air is enough. For more, open MSIAfterburner.cfg and set UnofficialOverclockingMode to 1.


Try Sapphire Trixx to, has unlocked sliders :)

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Υou don't need the second tab to overclock Ati cards from riva.

In the first set of tabs click in the first icon (where usually you see the fan settings for nvidia cards) and adjust the clocks.

The cfg file was needed only for checking-adjusting voltages not clocks.

Locked clocks used to be an early problem with this cards but got rid of it with newer version of riva etc,i remember wrighting a thread about overclocking them through bios flashing... damn that's 5 years ago... http://www.hwbox.gr/ati-amd/1741-pos-na-anebasete-tin-ati-4870-pano-apo-790-1100-pou-afinei-o-ati-catalyst.html

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