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aGeoM - 2x DDR2 @ 581.2MHz - 1028.1 marks MaxxMem


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:) Finaly I got the NB Frenquency working on this board, it was a little tricky at the beginning, but now I know how to do it, easely. The BIOS of my M3A79-T doesn´t alow me to set HT ref up to 210, so I had to use the old stuff. :)
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Latency is achieved with memory timings, and yes I will try another version in another board if ASUS engenniers pull out a decend BIOS for M3A79-T at time (refuses to post @210 HT ref w/ Sempron), with this M2N32 board v.1.82 doesn't run, CPU-Z it's eating all resources and got stuck, I can't even close the process. Need to reboot. v1.78 it's fine. My DDR and DDR3 results are with v.1.82.

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I'm starting to think this score might be bugged. The latency is very low in comparison to Chew*'s scores (which is a phenomenon occuring with bugged runs).


Can you try V1.82? It may just be that V1.74 doesn't support Regor well enough.


Preliminary test w/ M3A79-T, BIOS Version 1203, MaxxMEM v1.82




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Thanks Calathea for BIOS hint

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Massman, at first I thought there was something wrong with this score as well as I have seen many bugged scores getting posted, but since it's only hitting 5ns lower latency then normal I don't think it's bugged, but of course it could be some new kind of bug.

Maybe it's due to the NV chipset?

I can only comment on Intel chipsets but they are hitting lower latencies as well, check Vendetta's DDR2 score for example.

However, I did not expect the chipset on AMD to create such a big difference in MaxxMem.

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Guys, I'm not a n00b, I know how important latency is in this benchmark, but a difference of 7ns to the second best score is HUGE!


Ok, you know how important it is, now you only need to know how to reduce it, at that point. ;)


I don't mind at all to explain how to do it, in a couple weeks :P

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