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Would this submission be accepted?

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Figure.... post up a test run and ask before I put time and dry ice into a score i'd get blocked.




This is from a 9800GX2- check the GPU ID code. Everything else is masked in windows to allow the use of 169.21 drivers.


Will this be ok? It *should* be, its been discussed before... but I want expecting "8800GTS 512" to appear in ALL the name fields!

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I dont know how to :(


I've made vague attempts at that in the past, but its never worked.


use 169.21-supported GPU... install drivers


Edit nvidia nv_disp.inf... to include GX2 (or whatever) info


Install card.


The world becomes a better place.....


but it never works for me :S

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  • Crew

Yes, it's about editing the nv4_disp.inf, you're right. Just find the part where the videocards are being listed. Then seek for the dev_ID of your 9800GX2 and copy a line from an existing card. Then replace the DevID in a new line and then the name.

There can be two places were you have to insert the devID, but the name is required only in one - the localizable strings.

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