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The official newlife's XTU global challenge - Jun 22, 2013 until Jul 22, 2013 thread.


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Yes, we are aware of that.


XTU reads out the BIOS settings on order to create a profile with all settings. Most of the mainboard vendors are using "illegal" (= not officially supported) ways to alter things like ratios and voltage levels. That's why some of the changes are not being picked up real-time. It's by design it works like this.


Our recommendation is to not use other applications if you're using XTU to do your initial overclocking testing on air or want to test profiles from the database. If you're just hunting for records, you can use other apps no problem.

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wd truemonkey :)

i was about 5 points off, but you were ~90mhz lower (assuming XTU reading correctly of course).

be keen to see what those tweaks of yours were :)


also glad the totally unrealistic 4.4ghz i5 score was taken down - that thing was scoring well into haswell territory..

massman, do you have any indication as to what was going on there?

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well thats a shame, would be nice if some good might came from it, especially if you plan on using XTU for more comps (like this months).


but when the results are that far out of whack i guess its easy enough to spot

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