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Accurate Reading of Haswell IGP Clock When Overclocking With GPU-Z


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Just noticed that most of you don't see to include the clocks for IGP Haswell results. GPU-Z is not able to read them correctly in the main GPU-Z screen because of technical restraints. But you can still get the accurate IGPclk from the sensors tab.


Here's how:


1) Open GPU-Z

2) Go to Sensor tab

3) Set GPU Core Clock read to Show Highest Reading


Just keep GPU-Z open while running the benchmark (shouldn't make too much of a performance impact) and you will have the real IGPclk frequency for benchmark submissions :)


Just a hint



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+1 with Bassplayer. I've suggested that before. I include it with my Kepler results (few as they are) but I can't tell if I have terrible efficiency or not... most people state & show 1250MHz etc.


Anyway.... topic for another time :)


Thanks PJ!

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