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Fatt Albert Rev 1.0 GPU container


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Unlike others i prefer to take action when talking about a project :D

Fatt Albert, strange name huh, well its because it will outmach other gpu containers in size and hopefully in performance as well ;)

I simply want place for my dryice to rest in lol :D


heres a pic of the chunk it wil be cutted out...




i'll keep hwbot tuned ;)

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Good goal, but you too know that the design for dry ice performance tubes =/= the design of ln² performance tubes :).


I was kinda hoping on a sketch of the internals ;)


I have been talking with a bio engineer, while i was visting the machinist..


you could be astonished how simple things can be :)


don't worry time will reveal it al ;)

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Bio-engineer? What does he know about cooling stuff :P


Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this pot. Will it be ready before the 17th of august? :D


That's what he is suppose to be, that's how he graduated..But he is working for a chemical company :) where i also worked lol ^^

anyways his knowledge did come in handy :);)




close thread please.

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