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Crew member SF3D in top3!


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Hmmm...which card should I choose for todays benches?


It's not easy to beat previous records for example in 7900GT category. I had to do few mods to my GT:

Vmem, Vgpu VID, Switching Frequency, Voltage offset -30mV, 5K to 50K mod.


Thanks Boble! My QX6800 haven't arrived yet.


Check attachments.



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Maxi...damn...you have some high clocking XFX 7600GT. My PNY didn't do so well. I have to do my 7600GT benches again. There was some problems with those previous scores.


Voltage modifications are the best part of benching :) (*almost)


Edit: Forgot to mention that my QX6800 arrived today and I will test it later. Aircooling first.

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I tested my QX6800 and cascade today. Results were not too good. QX is perfect, but my cascade isn't. It can't hold the heatload from cpu.


It can do single / dual threated test like my E6700 (~4.9-5.0GHz 1.73V), but with 4 cores it can only do 4.6-4.7GHz. This can do same MHz as my E6700, but with lower voltage. I didn't take suicide validation this time.


Tomorrow I will test this processor in 3DM06. Single 7900GT record will be mine :)


I didn't expect anything better with this cascade. LN2 will tell the truth about this chip.

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