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8 core XTU sub not getting points?

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Global Points (UGP) 1st using 8 CPU - 11.0 Points

Hardware Points (UHP) 1st using Xeon E5 2687W V2 - 2.0 Points

Global Team Power Points (GTPP) 1st in team using 8 CPU - 50.4 Points

Hardware Team Power Points (HTPP) 1st in team using Xeon E5 2687W V2 - 5.2 Points


Seems fine here?

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^ Don't run CINE more than 2 times in a single session, always restart as score starts dropping. BTW, if you're changing BCLK in Windows do it with Cine closed as it internally defines how long 1 second is using QPC.


Hi, if you meant me all my changes are done in BIOS, no way to change in windows on these dual socket machines that I am aware of..I wish there was! :D

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I wonder if superpi/pifast are safe. My guess is that they're very easy to manipulate, especially pifast.
May be I'm missing something, but to cheat SuperPi or PiFast by any margin, you would have to deliberately use "knowledge" which isn't normally used for overclocking/tweaking and hence deemed illegal ... whereas with CineBench you can be speedhacking on others without even knowing about it.
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