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Water chiller and pump set


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I'd like to sell my water chiller. I built it two years ago, used only during my holidays and did so many good scores on this cooler - see my hwbot profile, I'll post some of them here:








With single block and CPU like Sempron 145 it can go up to -28/30C. With single GPU or stronger CPU temps will be around -24C. There are no problems with -15/20C with even three waterblocks - make sure, that they're not a flowkillers. I was testing in on 260W dummy some time ago and it was holding about -18C liquid. 2l reservoir gives it great capacity for running the benchmarks. Block used: D-Tek Fuzion V1 and 2x MCW60 (not included).



I'm looking for 500 euro + shipping for this cooler. I can give one month warranty for all parts.


Used parts:




Teco KE-C086 Rotary Compressor - 5355BTU

Luve STVF Condenser with Elco Fan

10-plate heat exchanger

Honeywell controller

Bulit-in manifold (shows discharge pressures)

Two 0.8mm captubes

R507 refrigerant


Next thing for sale is pump set. Two Iwaki pumps with base, transformer and reservoir. It took me lot of time to find proper pumps. Forget about all Swiftech crap for PC cooling - they all turn off on -10/12C and overheat. Those Iwaki pumps never overheat and the most important - they don't transfer heat to the loop - they have magnetic impelers.



Pump set:


Two Iwaki MD-15R pumps, each is 960l/min and 2.4m head connected in series

230V -> 110V transformer

2l reservoir

Valve for easy removal the liquid



I'm looking for 150 euro for this pump set. I also give one month warranty.


It's the best combo for chiller, which you can buy. And it was tested by someone, who is benching, not by another "builder" who only makes unit for sale and doesn't bench at all.


Chiller and parts are a bit messy, because I was using this stuff in my cellar. I will make it "bling bling" before shipping :) Shipping to Europe only - I'll check. Local pickup is also available - I live in Poland, Silesia (south west part), it's not that far from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia etc.


Prices are negotiable :) I also have some water blocks, fitting, insulation, tubes etc.














Best regards

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It's not working all the time - depends on hysteresis. At example you set -10C on the controller. It goes up to -10C then shuts off. If you have hysteresis 3C, when liquid will be warmer than -7C it turns on again. I'll make a movie on my camera in the evening. For sure it's not quiet.

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Chiller is still available. It has been cleaned and it's ready to shipping if anybody is interested.


400 euro for the chiller


100 euro for Iwaki MD30R pump with hoses reductions (pump is for 110v, I can arrange power supply for 230v is someone need) - 1920l/h

















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