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Valve Announced SteamOS - Gaming OS based on Linux - What impact on OC ?


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Hey guys,


The news is the first of 3 this week but that might be the most important one... Valve announces their SteamOS based on linux.





From a pure Ocer point of view that might not really matter... but if we look a bit wider, what is impacting strongly the Gaming community in the roots might impact us in the more or less distant future.


For almost every gamers are on windows, benchmarks and game engine are on windows too...


With a Huge actor like Valve with Steam start providing Gaming-enabled Linux-based capabilities to PC, that mean there will have a need to compare games quality on both platforms... per say benchmark them.



"Well that's only for games" you might say...


Indeed but think about it, expect some cases the benchmarks are based on 'game-engine' and used first to approve a configuration for performance for games (while this never been really completly correctly done...).


No one can Deny that Gaming was part of gettign so many Benchamrks and such a strogn use in reviews, it is also now understood that the Overclocking Community is a Market by itslef, no longer related to Gaming :)


With the last few month benchmarks on ARM platform it's been interestign to see some unix knowledge thrown in the OC community, this might be just the beginning.


Do you think this will impact the OC community in a good way ?

What do you expect from that ? (More benchmarks on unix ?, Tweaking on multiple OSes... ?)


Just my 3cents.

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The "plan" to expand HWBOT to more than just Windows has been there for a while.


The biggest problem with Linux is that it is not built for the regular user. No matter what GUI you throw at it, at a certain point you're going to see a terminal with command line. That is too scary for normal users. Unless Linux figures out a way to prevent that from happening, just like Google did with Android!, it's going to remain a marginal OS for mainstream usage.


Also consider the (x86) link between Microsoft and Intel. In the near future we're going to see Microsoft prove that Windows 8 with Intel is better/faster than WindowsRT with ARM. And Intel is going to provide that Intel Bay Trail is better on Windows 8 than it is on Android.

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