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Over and underclock nVidia drivers limits


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Guys, I wonder, how one can modify the nVidia drivers to get different maximal and minimal clock that can be applied on graphic card. For example using a Forceware v45.28 drivers, the bottom limits are relatively high 40/65MHz for core/memory of the GeForce2 MX 400 card:




For example a GeForce FX5200 can do 8MHz for the core and 50MHz for the videorams:



But using ATI Tool on nVidia card is a bit crazy :) Futhermore it does not work on the GeForce2 MX 400 at all.


Therefore I seeking ways how to change/modify/tweak the drivers, so I can try lower settings :) Score 299 Marks on 3DMark 2001 is still far too high, lol.


Anyone got idea, what to tweak to get lower/higher with the limits?



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1) me :D

2) not exactly true, it allow me to go to 40/65 with is far better that anyting else :)

3) it suxx, because it allow me to go only to 50/135:




Pretty much useless. Time for checking out, how I managed the 8MHz for the core some time ago...


Snip of the old post:


I got score 6 3DMarks 2005 now! :D


Samxon caps rule! Now testing 4Mhz for core... :thumb:


Abit BX133-Raid, VIA C3 Nehemiah 66 x 9

Gigabite(?) FX5200 8/50Mhz ( thread about the card used to take this score )




3DMark 2005 6 3D marks / 8 CPU marks, GPU at 8/50 :D

Result not found

(link get invalid as soon, as I post better score ;) )


whq_error.jpg ati_tool_fx5200_8_MHz.jpg

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rsnubje - thanks a lot, that seems to work!




10MHz is too high, still. The rams are usually incapable of operating bellow 60MHz... 30 did not work at all, 40, etc. same... 53 create a funny effects and finally 60, 64MHz seems stable. Gotta check out what ATI tool allow me on GX2 MX 400.

RivaTuner completely disallowed any over or downclock on FX5600XT, tough. Kinda weird.




PS. there is a problem, that the "test" is working, but when I press the Apply or Ok after it, then the clock get reverted back to much higher values. That kinda suxx. But as long, as this window remain open, the low clocks are applied. It can be very easily tested - just moving a window in front of the RivaTuner window cause the graphic visually cannot be able to redraw the screen fast enought :D And mind you, that was on relatively high clocks 14/69 ...! :)




I have no plans of running that high :) Tough it makes me wonder, how much longer I have to wair for 3DMark 2001 SE to draw something on the screen. It was 8 minutes ago, when I press the magical button "Benchmark" and still there is nothing drawn on the screen :D




PS. I have a complaint to made! Even after raising the clock to 16/72 is there nothing being drawn on the screen during the tests, except a white! That suxx! :mad: I want to see something... :(

With so much MHz it is ought to drawn something on the screen. Damn card, I have to raise the clock then :rolleyes:

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Massman -

Haha, this is nuts. I like it! :D:D:celebration:


Heheh, we all are nuts :D


Now... how low can my HW go? :P With step-by step approach we are getting close to something interesting :D


GeForce FX5200 - AGP 1x, slowest settings in bios, not yet tweaked card bios (for example slower ram settings come to my perverted mind :P ):




131 Marks - too high!




96 Marks - a bit better, but still too high




83 Marks - now it's starting to get interesting... :D


Dunno how low can it go, because many times between the tests is monitor complaining about the lack of the signal... waiting for the test to begin is sometimes about 5min or so... from some of the tests (for example Vertex Shader, Rag Dool) are visible only 2 frames... etc. :nana:


Still the "intro" planes get even to 14fps, witch is terribly high framerate. Gotta do something with this... where the hell is my Duron 600?! :( I got it somewhere... Come on, you little suxxka! You got work to do! AXP is too fast! That way we never get seriously low scores!


In the meantime, 3DMark 2003 is doing another run at 12/76MHz... :nana:

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Nah, not gonna make it... but 12/80MHz I managed to work. However saving the screenshot was HELL. The windows hardly move, sometimes get corrupted, then one have to wait minutes, screen flicking, signal is lost on the monitor many times... starting CPU-Z took minutes as well... And too much windows on screen = mause hardly move, etc.


Bloody, hell, but there it is - 12/80 gives 65 3D Marks:







...to catch a glimpse of how hard that was to save the screenshot, then check this one:



Window rendering in progress :)



Honestly I did not believe I can manage to save the screenshot, so I started with just 2 windows (almost no problemo):



...but in the end I made it w/o need to compose the resulting screenshot from more screenshots... :) And I find my Duron CPU, but it is too fast, whole 750MHz :D I thought it was 600MHz only...

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WTF, man? What - all the work for nothing? Why? You cannot be serious that just because I did not moved the window on 3D Mark 03 it was invalidated?



Okay... I move the damn window then... but at 12MHz core settings is VERY HARD to move a window... you know :(

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