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(FS)M5G/GSkill PIS and TridentX/Kingston Hynix


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welcome to my sales-thread, the listed itmes are all tested and working, if something is non-functional or damaged, this is mentioned explcitly in description


4.10.13129xk5c.jpg 4.10.1315usay.jpg




1. Asus Maximus Gene-V Z77 S.1155 µ-ATX


Excellent board, quality is well known, fully functional and in very good condition. Deal includes board, box and complete accessory except the driver dvd which I can´t find :battle:






2. 2x2GB Kingston HyperX T1 2333C9


Sold about one year ago, but still not fully paid, because of this pending until wednesday, if payment is not done by then, I will refund the first payment to buyer as offered and sell these here. Good clockers, do 2100 6-9-6 1,65v and also tested for 1300 8-12-8-28 32m.




3. 2x2GB Kingston HyperX T1 1866 C9


Single sided Hynix, atm used at my surf rig. Tested for 2800 12-14-14-36 1T 32M at ~1,5v, 11-14-13 ~1,6v. Should do better with right spd, if you ever tried to oc Kingston above 2800, you know what I am talking about. I offer these because of Kingston HOT competition - if someone needs these, buy, if not, I am happy they stay ;)


4.10.133ztjd9.jpg 1866ert11400c121494vpfl5x.jpg


4. 2x2GB G.Skill PIS 2000 Cl6-9-6-24


Received this kit in an RMA from Gskill a while ago, SN12221200, PSC. Didn´t bother testing apart from specs up to a week ago, at fast tests then kit did specs,2400 7-11-7 auto and 1300 8-12-8 twcl6 easily, no trp weakness, also do 2400 6-11-6-27 32M, but need voltage. Proof of rma incl. SN is part of the deal.


4.10.13112ojxx.jpg 122-10056-9-6-241m58v3az19.jpg pis122213008-11-8-28tjaku9.jpg


5. 1x2GB G.Skill PIS 2300 C8-11-8-28 working+1x2GB G.Skill PIS 2300 C8-11-8-28 defect


Kit was purchased long time ago from LN2 bencher that retired iirc. One stick died on benching accident, second stick I wanted as backup, which I now no longer need. Working stick is tested for 2400 7-11-7 auto 1,63v, 2500 8-11-8 1,68v and also does 2600 8-12-8 twcl6 easily. Never tried ro revive defective stick, no platform for flashing and no know-how for reflowing :D - due to ln2 use these have no intact warranty labels anymore ;) - proof of what they are is at screen.


4.10.139anj8i.jpg 2300c8pishotpluge4klp.jpg 1200c7163vsingle4ts38.jpg


6. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX 2400 C9-11-11-31


Almost new, easily does 2600 9-11-11-21 and 2800 10-12-12-25 32M. Good bench kit, tested for 2800 9-12-12-18 112 twcl6 32M on normal ambient, good trcd and trp limit, will go higher. Comes in original box with fan, 1500sn


133659-6028009-12-12-stkn5.jpg 133659-601467c10-12-13yc8s.jpg jd801319z6cb1.jpg


Prices (without shipping cost)

1. 105 Euros excl. sold at german hardwareluxx

2. gone

3. 40 Euros excl. sold to splmann

4. 160 Euros excl. sold

5. 80 Euros excl. sold

6. 115 Euros excl. sold at german hardwareluxx


Payment possible with paypal, in eu with bank transfer. Preferred sales location europe for obvious reasons, on shipping, PM me for the cost, I will try to find best possible option on price but only ship insured with tracking

Best regards


Disclaimer: No returns, no warranty provided, oc results, if shown, can vary but are done on air with retail hardware

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Afaik you have 2400c9 pretested kit coming in - I guess this should do the job, saw no need to offer the PIS via PM then. Apart from this, I have not enough mems to cover all requests I get as I have certain standards in performance, so I prefer to sell open to give equal chance on all people who are interested :)

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