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StarCraft 2 out, gamers in


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Hello ! :)


After that StarCraft 2 has been released, many players bought it and did (at least :D) one night of hard gaming with their warriors.


Yesterday I decided to join the world's most waited game ever (for 2010 only :P), but I regret my purchase. I even lost the little social life that I had before. I've only got my friends (and my cat) to wich I can talk.

But I also love this game. It's pure strategy game like I never did before. A must-have game, even if you don't like this kind of game. :P


Hope you'll come to play (with me :D) !


Good night all ! :)

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I saw that and I soon changed my place 'cause my mom was behind me. :D
I would be worried about my mom only in Starcraft-1 times :D


Massman, why not? HWBot is a game too. A bit more real and attractive than Eve online for example (the only MMORPG I liked) but I can spend a couple of hours (OK, not hours - days) a year for Morrowind - less than HWBot but it's all about having fun and hobbies.

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"dancing female elf in the battlecruiser" => I saw that and I soon changed my place 'cause my mom was behind me. :D



Slaughtering millions of sentient beings ok. One holographic female dancer in the bar, unacceptable. Epic fail.


Great game. Been waiting a decade :). Played all weekend. First time i really gamed on my gaming rig since I started benching lol.

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