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for sale are these items, max of three out for will go




1. 2x2GB A-Data XPG2.0 DDR3-2400 9-11-9-27 1,55-1,75v (PSC)


Traded in recently to close a gap in my testing record, highest binned PSC A-Data offered. technical and optical flawless, but bunnyy on 1155 M5Extreme (obviously compabilty), nontheless still do 1200 7-11-7-27 and 1300 8-12-8-28, at short test on Haswell, 1300 8-12-8-28 TWCL6 profile worked memtest stable at 1,87v. Intact warranty labels, original blister packaging can be part of the deal, but this is huge and may raise shipping cost, especially if these are shipped outside germany

jd801287k5uyp.jpg jd801290kcue1.jpg


2. 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1800 C8-8-8-24 1,7-1,9V (BBSE)


Technical and optical mint condition, used ICs are, despite specs, BBSE, and they easily do the 1800c8 below 1,65v. Also tested for 7-9-7-21 2200 on 1155. Medioce air clockers imho, like all mems offered never tested on cold.




3. 3x2GB Corsair Dominator GT 1866 C7-8-7-20 1,65V (Elpida Hyper)


Kit does quite good, was only able to test it on 1155, but all sticks do 2000 7-7-6-20 around 1,65v, good trcd limit, 1800 6-6-6 works around 1,69v. Were part of a trade, in spite of these being far better than expected, I need cash more than mems^^. Warranty labels intact like on all mems offered in this thread




4. 2x2GB G.Skill RipjawX 2200c9-9-9-27 (BBSE)


Some of best binned BBSE offered on market, this kit is tested for 2400 7-10-7-24, 2500 8-10-7-24 twcl6 and 2550 8-11-7-24 1T twcl6 at high bandwidth on 1155, seeing some highly realistic haswell results lately, these might do 2666 at 1,65v on 1150..:banana: :D - enough kidding, TRCD9 limit around 1170, TRCD 10 1270 on 1155. green PCB. With box and fan, but as usual shipping might ruin you then^^




Prices excluding shipping

1. 90 Euros+shipping sold to dancop

2. 35 Euros+shipping

3. 70 Euros+shipping sold to zFess

8. 85 Euros+shipping sold to dancop


Item are located at Berlin, germany, on shipping I will try to find best possible solution for potential buyer, if I use german post incl tracking and insurance, 10 euros might work, dhl will cost substantially more. Preferred means of payment is western union, apart from this paypal or bank transfer may be possible as well. On german forums I have a 100% record with 100s of feedbacks, all deals I did on xs and hwbot worked fine as well.



Disclaimer no returns, no warranty provided by seller, all items are in working condition and tested. If OC-results are offered, these can vary with hardware and platforms, so take these as a landmark only because these cannot be guaranteed as well

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@Dancop Kits are for Haswell? Hard to judge, I think PSC is safe choice, on BBSE on air, you never know, though these should do good job as voltage scaling on haswel with bbse is very good. Number one is yours then if you want, I send you my data :)


Edit I think Dancop was faster, michel, sorry :( - unless he decides to go for the bbse, these are gone

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