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dinos22 - Core i5 655k @ 6825.6MHz - 6825.59 mhz CPU-Z

trans am

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That make more sense now cuz I was always thinking how fosters is such crap but was confused caused the aussie guys like to party and overclock really hard. now that its not the fosters i'm assuming you guys all stop off at outback steakhouse on the way home after getting the dewars filled?

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I'm gonna get to the bottom of this one way or another. I've seen kangaroo jack 2 a million times and there is no way a kangaroo can run off with $50,000 in cash and blow it all on 500L liters ln2 and a couple gigabyte boards and clarksdales and suddenly place top 3 in hw category only 90 min later. what the hell is going on dino?!

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