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P5E3 Premium - Dual Core problem


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After benching Pentium D 965 EE it seems that something got damaged on my board and I don't know what.



The problem is when I start WPRime on C2D, the second core goes much slower than the first one and finishes the counting about 5 seconds later.


Another thing is, that SetFSB stopped working properly. It throws errors.



I replaced PLL generator for a new one but it didn't help :(

What could be wrong with the board?

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I'm not paranoid. I know there is small difference between two cores, but what I get is not normal.

Just look at this score...

Other multithread tests have also way too low scores.

MB used to work ok, but there is something definitely wrong now.


I tried few different CPUs and the problem still exists.


And as I said there is no way to use SetFSB right now :(

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