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what happened to some custom signatures?

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Just a heads up in case it wasn't on your radar, but the custom flag for OC Forums is broken since the update also.


Its trying to display the image from this url, but its no good:



Other custom flags like this one are working fine:



Is there anything we need to do, or do we just need to wait for you to finish fixing things up? No biggy either way, just a heads up in case you weren't aware.

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You can reupload the flag in your team profile, if you still have it and want to fix it yourself. :) There were 3000 out of 500.000 images lost, and I have a backup of those 500.000 images but the name is not identical to the one in storage... so I have to manually search for each of the missing 3000 pictures. I wrote some code to help me with this (find the image with the exact same size) but it's hit & miss and I won't be able to restore all.

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