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  1. Been back and lurking for a bit, hoping to have stuff worth submitting soon(ish)
  2. Play some League of Legends on NA these days, Deux in game as well
  3. Thinking it is one of these http://www.ln2cooling.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=85&zenid=mgscbig59b6a8u1h4k35iq8pr6 Really like mine for running full pot
  4. 2x L211B450, both ~1.45v for 5000 air, both ~6400 1M, 62-6300 3d depending on bench. no CB, cbb around -165. 2x 3213B472, one 6700+1M on one core, ~6500 on others, second doesn't even boot 2c2t 1.75v @ 5900, maaaaybe 6200 1M on a good day no cb, and more or less no cbb for both.
  5. While I agree that one team being able to all use the same CPU for 01 isn't ideal I think the current rule is about as good as it's going to get with the current verification systems. Even if sharing CPUs wasn't allowed for 3D, people would do it and you would have absolutely no way of proving that they did unless they're stupid. Also, is it really that common? Most people that find a good cpu are going to keep it for themselves especially given how fragile chips like GT are. Basically, I feel like the rule should stay as is since it at least keeps the playing field level even if it isn't ideal. Also, there are several people on your team that have 58xx 2600Ks, so feel free to abuse the system all you can
  6. Yeah... that's an old post, I haven't used ceramique for anything colder than single stage runs in months Also, tried one retail matrix, 1565/1300 through 11 @1.56v, card was definitely tougher to bench than my CU though.
  7. Don't have much time to dig into it now, will come back and look through everything once finals are over. I am somewhat curious about one thing though, what's the motivation behind removing the 300 hardware point cap for the enthusiast league? I just ask since it seems kind of contradictory to describe the enthusiast league as "The top of the overclockers league is the gateway to professional, sponsored overclocking. " and to have the 8th ranked user have less then 200 global/WR points. Not trying to single anyone out, just want to learn more about the change Edit: I do see that there is still a score on the user page which has HW points capped to 300 so maybe it's still around in some form :shrug:
  8. I'm aware but you inevitably run into the question of what defines active. It just seems ridiculous to me that a team with ~15 highly ranked members could be ranked behind a team that has one or two power players. In my mind a teams ranking should be reflective of the average quality of the members more or less. I see where the idea comes from as it allows small teams to compete. If a team is being carried by one or two members in my mind it basically ceases to be a team at that point and people should just look at the individual rankings at that point
  9. I think this whole power team ranking is kinda pointless and only serves to help tiny teams with one or two people carrying the team. It's not impossible for a small team to compete in the current ranking that's aimed at "the masses" Just throwing some numbers out there OCX - 125 members HOT - 382 members Bench Tec - 111 members PURE - 27 members AwardFabrik - 152 members Anyone else see what I do? One of the top 5 teams is competing with ~1/4 of the members of the others
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