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  1. P5E3 sold Going to hang onto the rest for the time being, thread can be closed. Thanks for the space ?
  2. First post updated, prices dropped on remaining motherboards. 980Ti KP back up for grabs.
  3. Status updated for items, dropped Epower prices. Took a while to dig through PMs, everyone should have a response.
  4. Moving soon and trying to lighten the load a bit. Items are located in the USA (Chicago) so domestic shipping is ideal but I'm game to ship international at buyer's expense. Kinda pulling prices out of my ass for most of this stuff so if you think I'm off the mark please feel free to make an offer. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated. Payment via paypal or BTC. Will keep adding things over the next few days. EVGA EVBot + 4 cables + box - $150 - Pending Asus Maximus VI Extreme + OC Panel - $75 Good condition, no LET or vaseline EVGA 980Ti Kingpin + box + accessories - $200 Asrock Z170 MOCF + box - $150 Full LET coating, CL mod + 9900K BIOS flashed Asus P5E3 Premium - $100 Used for 8G celeron hunting years ago but never thoroughly tested. No LET or vaseline Rampage VI Apex - $175 Clean, includes most accessories and box, flashed to latest BIOS
  5. Looking for an x299 board, ideally an x299 OCF but would also consider an x299 Dark or R6A if the price is reasonable, let me know what you're willing to part with. Located in the states, post code 60402 specifically. Not bothered by LET / other insulation / missing accessories.
  6. Been back and lurking for a bit, hoping to have stuff worth submitting soon(ish)
  7. Play some League of Legends on NA these days, Deux in game as well
  8. Thinking it is one of these http://www.ln2cooling.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=33&products_id=85&zenid=mgscbig59b6a8u1h4k35iq8pr6 Really like mine for running full pot
  9. 2x L211B450, both ~1.45v for 5000 air, both ~6400 1M, 62-6300 3d depending on bench. no CB, cbb around -165. 2x 3213B472, one 6700+1M on one core, ~6500 on others, second doesn't even boot 2c2t 1.75v @ 5900, maaaaybe 6200 1M on a good day no cb, and more or less no cbb for both.
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