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  1. Silly things, I feel them...
  2. Interesting story there. And yes, about to begin serious studies (engineering, that is) so not really the time. There will sure be more opportunities in the future.
  3. And I guess we're not talking about just a few thousand bucks, are we ?
  4. Eventually, every technology grinds to a halt. I think that corporations like Intel, AMD and IBM (amongst others) slow down the release process, so that people working on the next generation of computers have more time to do so. Quantum computing costs hell a lot and requires you to use liquid helium, which is itself also very expensive. So definitely not something we'll see in the near future in our houses (or at least it will be used by specific corporations/governments with $$$). In this regard, optical computing seems more reasonable (no fancy cooling required and I guess the overall p
  5. I guess as long as you have any sort of device that can do basic Boolean logic (aka logic operations) then you're good to go. Take Minecraft for example: many people have already built their own CPU/computer which can do simple calculus and even run some games ! Nothing more than blocks were needed. As long as you can do execute/process the very same operations as modern processors do with a given system or material, then you're just on your way to another type of processor. Since light physics can be used to make this 1 and 0 states "happen", we can have optical processors. Now th
  6. THE GAME, you just lost it http://hwbot.org/submission/2536476_dreadlockyx_superpi___1m_via_c3_400_5sec_77ms
  7. Let me show you some 4chin beauty again: http://pbrd.co/1nqRNPU
  8. You clearly have not been to 4chan yet.
  9. That's why an ASIC is Application Specific
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