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    Pi day

    Happy Pi day and happy birthday to myself, too
  2. I usually have to transcode my source media (.avi or .mp4) to MPEG-4 (.m2t/.mpg) or WMV (.wmv), all that with Sony Vegas. If Vegas can't use the file because of codec reasons (typically MJPEG) I use MediaCoder to get a normal video file.
  3. Great idea, really. The Hardware Guru would be proud. I'm gettiny myself a shirt or two.
  4. Best of ^: "Up until now the definition of Democracy was 'The right to have everything we want, straight away, all the time'... but now Democracy has a new definition and it is: Samsung UN105S9 Curved 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV. In the simplest terms, this TV IS the American Dream... period." "Well after much soul searching, I decided to buy this TV. I charged it to my Discover Card so I will get a $1,200 cash back bonus which I intend to use to buy lottery tickets so I might be able to afford the payment when the bill come in. I might bet some on the Oakland Raiders to wi
  5. ^or how to use time efficiently* *requires a gf, not included, find separately
  6. Didn't see any of you guys there Anyway, I was either at the chinese food point or in some game's queue so... I did however admire the view of certain babes (Roccat & Razer, if you're reading this)
  7. Indeed, it's a better deal. Anyone willing to meet for lunch or dinner ? I'm available all four days except Friday night.
  8. No beers for me Only milk and water, sometimes ice tea Are you guys going to play any games or just admire the booth babes ?
  9. Not so good at express PC building. You guys want to set a meeting ?
  10. Doing all four days (14-17) with ten buddies
  11. ^this lol
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